Brain-body-mind institute 

Sri Kanhiyalal Lodha
Prof. Ratan Singh
Engineer P.C. Mehta

This centre seeks to promote self-help, breathing exercises, meditation etc. Health care is the motto.

On Wednesdays from 14.00 – 15.30

Prof. Ratan Singh, consultant in nutritional and neuro-behavioral psychology is available for free consultation at
Prakrit Bharati Instititute. (13A Main Malviya Nagar (Calgary Road / Gurunanak Path)), Room nr. 15

All consults for our clients are free. No psychiatric – either allopathic, ayurvedic or homeopathic – medicine are used, and the treatment is only based on psychological methods, nutrition and nutrition supplements (Nutrition supplements have to be bought by the clients themseves). Many have found relief and there are no side effects on body and mind.

R Singh

Prof. Ratan Singh1 is a Clinical Psychologist, and also an expert in the field of self-hypnosis. He is available for consultation to students and others as mentioned above.


P.C. Mehta

He is assisted in his work at the Institute by Engineer P.C. Mehta from Jaipur2



K.L. Lodha

Sri Kanhiyalal Lodha of Jaipur, is an long standing and famous expert and teacher in Vipassana meditation (Buddhist and Jain) and has written extensively (around 40 books) on various subjects, particularly on the karma theories, meditation and other related subjects for students, and he is a renowned personality in all Jain sects. He started meditation long back in Ajmer under the famous Vipassana teacher Sri Goyanka (Goenka).

Beside its clinical activity the Institute has continues to organize lectures and discussions on meditation, self-hypnosis and nutrition since its founding in 2008.


  • Dr. Ratan Singh: 9828199856
  • Ir. P.C. Mehta: 9413489773; or
  1. Ratan Singh has a Certificate in Food & Nutrition; Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education (IGNOU), M. A. (Psychology, AMU), DM&SP (CIP,Ranchi), Ph.D Consultant in Nutritional & Neuro-behavioral Psychology, Jaipur Hospital, India. He is Member of International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine and Life Member of the Nutritional Society of India. He is certified behavior therapist from the B.T. Unit of Temple University Medical School at EPPI, Philadelphia, USA. He was associate Professor at the Institute of Medical Sciences at the Banares Hindu University in Varanasi, and at the University of Science in Medical School in Malaysia. He published books and articles on Meditation, Hypnosis. Case reports were published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Science  in Canada. []
  2. P.C. Mehta was Principle of the Telecom Training Centre in Jaipur and expert in optical fiber cable systems, and at the same time active creator of ecofriendly industrial environment. He has an M.A. In Gandhian Nonviolence. []