Prakrit Language courses


We conduct regular courses, including correspondence courses, for a study of Prakrit Prathma and Visharad degrees and award certificate to the successful candidates.

In the year 1998, under inspiration of Dr. Kamal Chand Sogani, a Department of Prakrit was established at the Prakrit Bharati Academy, Jaipur. Various courses to learn Prakrit languages were started. Presently this department is recognized as the Jain Vidya and Prakrit Department, headed by Dr. Tara Daga.

Presently the following courses in Prakrit language are being conducted in this department:

  1. Prakrit Pre-Certificate Course (6 months)
  2. Prakrit Certificate Course (1 year)
  3. Prakrit Diploma Course (1 year)

All courses are being conducted on a regular basis as well as through correspondence courses. To generate interest in Pralrit studies among a broader public, a pre-certificate course was introduced in 2008.

So far, 180 students have passed this exam. Around 300 students successfully participated in the certificate course and about 100 in the diploma course.

The convenor of the dept, Dr. Tara Daga is also actively involved in organizing camps in varrious cities in India to teach Prakrit. In New Delhi, Bangalore, Udaipur, Gulabpura, Vijay Nagar, Chittor, etc. these camps were a great success.

The Department of Jain Studies and Prakrit makes special arrangements for Jain saints who are keen to study and learn Prakrit and the Jain Āgamas. Dr. Tara regularly teaches Prakrit to several saints; special examinations are conducted for saints.

If more than 10 students are available, distant examniation centers are established for them.

The institute is also a center for studying an d teaching Prakrit for the Prakrit certificate course, organized by Vardhman Mahaveer Kota Open University in Kota, Rajasthan. Also financial assistence is provided to students doing Prakrit studies.

 To create interest among students we have various schemes to award prizes.

 For more information, contact

Prakrit Bharati Academy:, subject: Prakrit Courses; attn. of Mrs. Reena Jain or Dr. Tara Daga; or Surendra Bothra, or Surendra Bothra:

or by phone: (+91/0) 141 2302538