Internet Publishing

By means of this website we post a increasing number of our publication online, which can be read and downloaded for free by any person in the world. At this moment all online books are also available in print and can be ordered.

It is our aim to give as many people as might be interested worldwide to become acquainted with the beauty and richness of the Jain culture, especially in the form of literature.

So far the majority of our publications are in the North Indian modern and classical languages, and about one hundred titles are in English or multilingual with English translation included. We have chosen to post the English books online first. This with exception of the Singhvi series mentioned here below. Other non-English books will follow suit.

Noteworthy is the series of illustrated fundamental Jain Sutras with English translation.

Besides simple books for children and others for a general public, we have published many scientific and philosophical studies in English and Indian languages of a high level. One of our projects at this moment is the republication, printed as well as online, of important ancient Jain texts of the last millennium in their original language, known as the Singhvi Series, published earlier in the 1930′s, of which many of the valuable volumes are very difficult to acquire nowadays.