It is not possible to accomplish a work of this magnitude without guidance and help from different scholars and their works and I must admit that I have been immensely benefited in my search for the subject–matter for this work and have derived them from various sources, which I must acknowledge.

The ancient and present Jaina masters and scholars whose works have immensely helped me are Ācārya Kundakunda, Ācarya Nemichandra Siddhantachakravarti, Ācārya Nanalalji, Ācārya Hastimalji, Ācārya Devendramuni, Muni Madhukar, Muni Mishrimalji, Pt. Sukhlal Singhvi, Pt. Ratanlal Doshi, Dr. N. L. Jain, Sadhvi Dr. Vidyutprabha, Sadhvi Dr. Vineetpragya, Dr. Hermann Jacobi, Dr. Walther Schubring, Dr. Sagarmal Jain, Dr. Prem Suman Jain, Dr. T.G. Kalghatagi, Sadhvi Vineetabai Mahasatiji, Śrī Jnānamati Mataji, Dr. Subhash Kothari, Śrī Jinendra Varṇī, Dr. Nemichandra Jain, Dr. Bhagchand Bhaskar, and Śrī A.L. Sancheti.

I am deeply indebted to all of them.

I am also indebted to Prof. Sagarmal Jain who has constantly encouraged me in my endeavour and who has also, very kindly, written the ‘FOREWORD’ for this work. My gratitude also extends to Shri D. R. Mehta Sahib and Mahopadhyay Vinayasagarji of Prakrit Bharati, Jaipur who have given it a place amongst their prestigious publications and by whose efforts it is reaching the readers’ hands.

The printers also deserve my thanks for bringing it out in such a fine shape.


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