Jainism – a way of life


Publisher’s Note


Vinod Kapashi is a known name among Jains, and others interested in Jainism, outside India. His deep understanding of Jain heritage and its value to humanity endows him with the ability to present even complex Jain concepts in common man’s parlance with great lucidity.

After his introductory monograph, Jainism And …, We are pleased to bring to our readers his new work Jainism – Way of Life. It gives some more details about applied Jain philosophy. The book envelopes the whole range of Jain metaphysics and religious history. It would be of immense value for new generation of Jains as well as neo-initiates. We are sure our lay readers will like it and scholars will be inspired to create more such works.

Thanks to all associated with the publication of this book.

D.R. Mehta
Founder and Chief Patron
Prakrit Bharti Academy, Jaipur

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