003 Publisher’s Note

Publisher’s Note

These days Yoga is a popular concept and practice. In last four-five decades it has spread in numerous countries almost all over the globe. The credit goes to dedicated yoga teachers who made ardent efforts to popularize it. Its popularity is growing because of proven effects of yoga on both mental and physical health. Comforts provided by numerous gadgets, being continuously invented by technology, are making life more and more sedentary. At the same time the changing life style, its pace with increasing aspirations and ambitions and get-quick attitude are causing mental stress. In addition the growing pollution of air, water and soil, mainly because of exploding population and spiralling consumerism, is resulting in ever increasing onslaught of various old and new diseases. Yoga teachers address all these problems.

In his scholarly book, “Essence and Substance of Yoga” Shri S.M.Jain has endeavoured to describe in brief the main ancient and new popular systems and sects of yoga and quoted extensively from canonical scriptures. He has commented objectively on some glaring contradictions, based on scientific scrutiny. The book will be useful for yoga aspirants and inquisitive scholars in providing all about yoga in a nutshell.

Prakrit Bharati Academy and Society for Scientific and Ethical Living, Jaipur are happy to bring out such new enlightening books so as to encourage Yoga techniques along with scientific temper and rational attitude in people.

D. R. Mehta
Founder & Chief Patron
Prakrit Bharati Academy, Jaipur