Boundless Bliss




Some people think that a “Sadhak” ignores his family and society. He treats association with the society as bondage and seeks to withdraw himself from public service. Truth, however, is different. Spiritual practices do not advocate renouncing either family or society. They advocate the renouncing of slavery to sensory pleasures and any attachment to them. By renouncing these, he gets rid of selfishness. Such a person automatically dedicates bulk of his assets, competence and capability, to the welfare of all and service to society. This helps in the building of a good society.

Practices of “Vitraga Yoga” or “Samatva Yoga” get started by renouncing attachment to pleasures and traits indicative of selfishness. Everyone wants love, but the selfishness generated by the pursuit of sensory pleasures frustrates love. The narrow feeling of mine and yours comes to the fore, which creates conflict. Dissensions can be put to an end, through generosity and service to others.

It is the individual, who is instrumental in social progress. Developed people are the arch stones of a developed society. An evolved individual and an evolved society are complementary to each other.

When several truly progressive individuals co-operate among themselves, towards their common goal of purging themselves, a distinguished institution emerges. The ultimate aim is a life full of love and widespread compassion.

Lack of a feeling of friendship and love gives rise to vices in the individual, family and society. Selfishness is at the back of it. When an individual cares only for himself, there arise differences within the family. When the families behave likewise, there are differences within the society. When societies ignore the interest of the nation, conflicts between society and nation come into existence. Selfishness leads to differences and they, in turn, result in conflict. The escape is to confer on others all our assets for the welfare of the family, neighborhood, society, nation and the world. This alone generates all round fellow-feeling and love.

People with developed souls are instrumental in building a good society and a good nation. The existence of such people is not dependent on any particular system solely, but on discarding vices like selfishness, dogmatism, favouritism and the like. A sense of duty brings about humaneness, generosity and service-mindedness.

Society is a group of individuals. The character of individuals gets reflected in the society. The individuals have to give up “Visham Bhava” or perverse feeling. (indicating differences) and develop “Sambhava” for getting rid of social evils.

The same position prevails in the political field. The vices of the individual, become vices of the nation. The answer lies in extending the idea of oneness (Samatva) among human beings.

In the economic field too, some are exploited for the benefit of others. The prevailing systems, hardly resolve these differences and conflicts. This is possible only with equanimity, and a feeling of equality and oneness with others.

Whether it be the mental field, philosophic field or duty, Sambhava, plays an important role. The feeling of oneness with others, is a great gift of Sambhava. Once we treat others as ourselves, generosity and service to others, automatically follow.In the present scientific age, materialism is at its peak. The approach of me, mine, myself, has given rise to several evils. We need a simple way out. Samya Yoga is that way. If scientific know how and Samatva Sadhna Yoga, go hand in hand, material and spiritual development will complement each other and we would experience true joy, eternal and boundless bliss.