Boundless Bliss




If a soul has attained an all round fitness, there remains no iota of misgiving, tangle or distress. The balance and health of the soul depend on “Vitraga Sadhana”. Mental fitness awards physical fitness.

Charaka, the founder of our medical system, describes health as (prasannatmendriya manah Swastha ityabhidhiyate ) i.e. that person is healthy, who has a happy soul and mind. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy has said, – ”All diseases start with the mental dus-equilibrium.” Saint Vinoba Bhave also wrote that health implies fitness of mind and body. Body, mind and soul all have a role in health.

The following shloka is relevant :

Chittaayatam Dhatubddham Shariram Chitte Nashte dhatoo yaanti naasham. Tasmaachhittam sarvada rakshaniya. Swasthe chitte buddhyah prasfuranti.

It means that the structure of bones and muscles is dependent on the mind. If the mind decays, the body decays too. So the mind must be protected, because knowledge springs from a healthy mind.

With the co-ordination of the mind and body the stream of life flows ahead. Their relationship is like milk and water. Both affect each other. Face is the index of our thoughts. Gentleness and crookedness of respective individuals are reflected by their mien and countenance.

Gandhiji also wrote that a person with a healthy mind has a healthy body. The blood of a person, with a mind purged of all vice is so pure that even poison does not affect it. An American writer Mr. Trian wrote that anger affects the blood so much that it turns saliva into poison.

James Allen said that despair leads to dyspepsia. No medicines or injections can cure it, while hope, enthusiasm and a pleasant disposition can work wonders. That, hatred causes vomiting and indifference causes yawning, is too well known. Anxiety neurosis causes several diseases. Fear often hampers the free flow of blood. A person in the grip of vicious desires and faulty living suffers from several diseases. Sometimes, his heart itself may stop functioning.

Worry and anxiety cannot be cured by medicines and vitamins. If we want to lead a healthy life, we have to exercise restraint . We have to control our minds and senses and keep away from excesses.

All serious diseases have their origin in the mind. A person given to vices suffers from fear, anxiety, tension and lack of tranquility. He is a constant victim of vacillation.

Gandhiji wrote in the ”Young India” of September 22, 1936, “as the soul gets rid of vice, body becomes free of diseases”

The common utterance of a person suffering from disease is “O God, what sins have I committed, which have given me this disease”?

A person with a pure and viceless mind, always has a good digestive system and his body is able to get over different diseases.

The Jain religion believes that origin of diseases is in faulty thoughts and a soul fraught with vice. Buddhism and Hindu religions hold the same view. Our soul, therefore, has to be free from all vices. The extent to which we can reduce these vices, to that extent shall the diseases spare us.

If the soul is healthy, the mind will be healthy, at peace and happy. Modern medicines try to counter disease by destroying the outer symptoms rather than the causes. The diseases of the mind have not attracted their attention. For a successful medical system, the vices of the mind have to be overcome through a spiritual mode of living.