Boundless Bliss




In modern times, possession of material objects and comforts is treated as an index of one’s progress. A person or society having greater material comforts is considered prosperous. This view, however, is faulty. Progress has to be linked with the welfare of the people. While basic amenities, like shelter, clothing, education and medicine are bare necessities, human welfare does not lie in the pursuit of pleasures. Such a pursuit keeps us dependent, static, anxious and worried, ultimately causing us immense sorrow. It leads us to decadence. A person given only to his pleasures, becomes an anathema to his own family. Likewise, a person solely concerned about his family, has little to contribute to the society. A person committed only to the progress of his caste, clan, group or sect, ignoring all others, is another pursuant of decadence. While a person working for the welfare of others, brings about his own welfare too, the callous ones never share this fortune. Working for satisfying the basic needs of others as well as their own, is the mark of a healthy existence. When one is totally engrossed in accumulating and amassing physical comforts, one glides towards a moral bankruptcy.

True development implies absence of wants. This is possible in the case of a person, who wants nothing for himself and devotes all his assets for public welfare. For himself he seeks nothing. He expects little and sacrifices his possessions for others. Generosity and humanitarianism contribute towards real moral development. A person given to his pleasure is its slave and consequently suffers from wants, anxiety, dependence and defeatism. He may possess and own material comforts and riches and command widespread respect too, but such a person is hollow from within.

Real richness lies in virtues. A slave of the senses is a pauper. Good qualities manifest themselves, both, in out-ward physical development as well as in the inner intellectual progress.