Boundless Bliss




Generating wealth is innocuous in itself. What is reprehensible is an engrossment with it. We are not to prostrate before it by becoming its slaves. He, who collects wealth, guards it, thrives upon it, keeps on banking on it as a measure of his worth and thus keeps himself indulge their in, is a slave of wealth. He who employs his wealth to generate cheer, gives it to the needy and is not slave to it, is genuinely wealthy.

Slavery to wealth generates further avarice. Its aftermath is melancholy on account of inadequate wealth. Such a person indeed suffers from poverty despite all his riches. The more he earns, the greedier he gets. In order to fulfill his hunger for wealth, he craves for it like a beggar. In this state of dependence and slavery, he may perceive a hallucinatory happiness, as dog does, by licking his own bleeding wounds.

A person employing wealth to good cause, lords over it. Using wealth for the welfare of others is being free from its eclipsing effect. Devoting wealth to the welfare of others is charity. The love that results from this service has a lasting tenure. It gives us constant happiness. Exploiting our wealth for self-serving ends is to open a flood gate of urges and cravings. It leads us to a malefic chain reaction. This is no meritorious conduct. When wealth is used in the service of others, our affectionate hearts cheer us. Clinging to our assets and harnessing them to titillate us is a sheer bondage. By using it for the welfare of others, we get closer to God.

Slavery of wealth makes us run after it all our lives till we die. This is like the desert deer, running after a mirage. A slave of wealth is a slave of pleasure. He lives an animal life. Success in human life implies, getting closer to God and winning freedom from this slavery of gross objects. Earning wealth need not be looked down upon, but adopting it as our god-father is reprehensible. We do require money to run our families. Wealth does have utility. But we are not to hanker after it. Money-mindedness casts a dark shadow of want upon our being. Contrary to this, wealth cheers a person who does not chase it. Not wanting anything is real wealth.

A slave of wealth has to part with his wealth ultimately, when he dies. Not an instant beyond it does the wealth keep company with him. He undergoes remorse and sorrow and suffers the fate of petty vermins, having spent his valuable years in its futile pursuit.