Boundless Bliss




A person with a kind heart possesses the quality of “Mardava.” This is possible by sacrificing pride and arrogance. Such a person feels no pride on account of his features, caste, clan, intellect, character or knowledge.

Our ego makes us feel superior to others. It blunts our perspicacity and makes us heartless. Such a person is seen to be devoid of compassion. Contrary to this, amiability and geniality in conduct protects us from superiority complex. Then one treats others like oneself and shares their joys and sorrows.

Those who themselves have experienced sorrow are found to be compassionate. That makes them considerate.

People given to their own pleasure are sadists and do not share the pain of others. Those living in air-conditioned apartments cannot understand how people die of exposure to heat. The truth is that addiction to comfort makes people insensitive. Only a person who has suffered pain, realizes its severity.

Addiction to pleasure leads to our moral downfall. A compassionate person undergoing pain would willingly expend his assets for alleviating the other man’s sufferings. His heart is blessed by empathy.

A truly religious person is the one who plunges into the inflictions that human beings are frequently subject to. Moral duty implies, utilizing our resources for reducing the pain of others. When our heart perceives a sufferer’s pangs, desire for personal pleasure fades away of its own accord. The way to understand the pain of others, is by placing ourselves in their position. When a person gets over the ‘me’ ‘my’ syndrome, he takes on the pain of others and feels capable to help those undergoing misery. In this journey, he surely finds such benign fellow travelers.