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A friend claims an undiluted affection. We name such an attitude as amity or fellow-feeling. Comprising the principle of Ahimsa propagated by Lord Mahavira, friendship finds a place of pride. Uttaradhyayana sutra and Avashyaka sutra inspire us to adopt an affectionate attitude to all human beings. A person endowed with a feeling of friendship becomes fearless. Those towards whom he has this feeling, are also fearless. Co-operating with a friend is the trait of an affectionate individual.

Friendship implies love. A friend ignores his own comforts and endeavors to alleviate the suffering of his people, who come across him. There is no iota of any reward in return.

A friend should come forward to the succour of his pal. There is no friendship in a situation, where one watches unconcerned the wretched plight of one’s acquaintance.

There can be no friendship, where there exists a feeling of superiority or inferiority. Friendship allows little status consciousness. Avashyak Sutra says that ”I have no enmity towards anyone. I have amity towards all fellow human beings.” A feeling of enmity is inimical to peace and happiness, because enmity implies – looking at the shortcomings of others. Enmity, like poison, straightaway stuns our mind and damages physique. Enmity draws the bottom of our dynamism, reducing us to mental bankruptcy. When we look at the defects or faults of others, we are stringently applying our supposedly perfect standards. It is flawed attitude. We may detest sin, but we need not hate the sinner. Wise people do not seek to undo the sinner, but only his sin.

All human beings have their shortcomings. If we start punishing them, no one would be spared. A sinner does get punished, automatically though. Even a person with weaknesses deserves a considerate approach.

The worst of men own some good qualities. Wise people look out for these qualities. This brings out affection in their hearts and keeps them happy. The ignorant opt for enmity and remain dejected. The wise adopt friendship and remain happy.

Instead of looking at the defects of others, it is better to look at one’s own defects. That itself would free us from other defects. Absence of enmity leads to friendship. Forgiveness is within our reach, thereafter.

Friendship implies oneness with others. Selfishness negates the very concept of friendship. While treating others as equal, we tread the path of genuine friendship. Shedding enmity and adopting friendship is shedding hatred and adopting love.

Amity is possible, when we sacrifice our joys for our friends and feel happy in their happiness. When we have love for fellow human beings, we follow the path of God.