Boundless Bliss



Giving donations cheers us. It is not to be treated as an obligation to someone. On the contrary, it is an extension of affinity with other human beings.

There are two basic qualities involved in giving in charity. Firstly, it is sacrificing our possessions and secondly, rendering service to others. Renouncing something involves getting rid of attachment to one’s gross possessions and consequently of selfish tendencies. Absence of selfishness gives rise to generosity, which is turn caters to the welfare of others.

A pleasure seeker is a selfish person. He places his pleasure above everything, unmindful of the hurt it causes to others. Contrary to this, a person making sacrifices is generous. He gets solace in parting with his possessions, which lessen the distress of others. A pleasure-seeker is a slave of his senses. He is governed by the animal instinct. He lacks compassion, co-operation and spirit of service for others. A person lacking compassion is inanimate in a way, while the one with compassion, a true being. Only a compassionate person has a spirit of sacrifice for others.

The feelings of love, affection, brotherhood and friendship hail from compassion. This inspires us to serve humanity.

The truth is that as we reduce our attachment to objects and harness them for the welfare of others, a spirit of generosity gathers momentum. When we are totally unattached, our body, mind and senses do not owe their be all and end all to selfish ends. We dedicate ourselves to the well-being of others. The spirit of generosity distinguishes man from animals. A person devoid of generosity and charity is like an animal and not a human being. Such a person is not likely to be emancipated. Sacrificing one’s possessions for the welfare of others leads to the summum bonum called deliverance. Such people are instrumental in the creation of a model family and a healthy society. Selfish people ignore the interest of other family members and are cocooned into their self-serving ends. Such families suffer from conflict and tension all the time and have a whiff of infernal ethos. Contrary to this, a family of generous people caters to the welfare of other members. There is reciprocity of love and the environment is truly heavenly. Generous and sacrificing people, indeed, largely contribute towards a good society.