Boundless Bliss




From our very childhood we make efforts to seek joy yet it eludes us.

Even when we achieve several desired objects, power and position, tension persists. Nowadays, even an ordinary person has facilities unavailable to the kings of yore. Yet he craves for more and is consequently tense, unhappy and full of sorrow. Well-to-do people in developed countries, have to take sedatives, just to get a wink. No one gets true joy from the acquisition of material goods. On the contrary, by discarding desires and materialistic urges, a person feels free and finds happiness tinged with spiritualism.

Desires and material acquisitions make us dependent. Pleasure derived from them diminishes and ultimately vanishes. It never satisfies us. It ultimately leads to sorrow. As distinct from it, spiritual happiness has a lasting value. It keeps us independent and satisfied. A spirit of philanthropy too leads to happiness.

Material pleasures keep us engulfed in selfish pursuits. Such an attitude is unhealthy and does no good to society. Contrary to it, a person seeking spiritual happiness has a healthy, selfless attitude, which benefits, both, the individual and the society.