Boundless Bliss



Assessing ourselves on the basis of any external criterion is not correct. The external factor does not always remain with us. Treating it as yours is fallacious. Thus comparing people on the basis of their riches, power, knowledge or acquisitions is an assessment based on the external factor. If riches make a person small or big, the factor behind it is riches and not the person himself. Riches are vacuous. Attaching more importance to chattels, compared to living beings, is again incorrect. The difference between the knowledgeable and the ignorant lies in the basis of measuring the real worth of a person or thing. The ignorant uses objects as a basis of assessment, whereas the knowledgeable assesses them through the objective angle. Life acquires a new meaning, when one’s qualities are treated as basis for assessment. When one tries to amass wealth and other such objects, he behaves like an extrovert. An extrovert is negligent towards his inner self. The ignorant person is so embroiled with the external objects that he does not realize the hollowness or vacuum that eclipses his inner self. He leads a sensuous life, that ends in a fiasco. He misses the opportunity to fill the hollowness within himself. He achieves no credit, whatsoever.

It is stupid to measure our worth on the basis of extraneous factors. The basis should be inherent moral qualities, amity, tranquility and other such ones. Discounting the external criterion, in fact, ought to be considered the basis for our assessment.