Boundless Bliss



Joy and Sorrow are integral to life. Our lives give us neither sorrow nor joy alone. While we crave for sorrowless joy, it does not seem to last. Age, disease and death follow human existence. We do want to put an end to sorrow and seek joy – devoid of sorrow. This book is an attempt in this direction.

When human beings are themselves responsible for these joys and sorrows, it is within their capability, to part company with sorrow. If they remain unhappy and sorrowful, it is due to their own folly and not out of providence. We can be free from sorrow, if we control our follies.

While diseases are curable through different remedies, the objective is to restore health. Likewise, different people suffer form various shortcomings and have to adopt remedial ways, best suited to them. Preventive remedial course, at times, results in lack of activity and negative inertia. Contrary to this, spiritual remedies bring about infinite sweetness, capability and compassion.

It is often believed that a seeker (Sadhak), leads a lonely and solitary life and gets isolated from society and the world around. Actually, it is not so. The lives of such people are completely given to public welfare. They remain responsible for the overall physical and mental development.

The present work is not a dry academic exercise, but traverses the journey from momentary pleasure to a state of infinite joy, in an easy and simple way. It does not deal with established doctrines and philosophical expositions, but adopts self experience and established personal knowledge, as its tools. Each one of us is endowed with them. It does not require corroboration through academic works or utterances of great people.

The present work presents simplest of ways, that can be adopted by the commonest of men and women, to achieve constant joy and happiness. No out side agencies like power, funds or learning are needed. Sorrowless joy is within the reach of everyone.

In the present age of science, the views propounded here follow the scientific tenets, explained through simple daily life examples.

I am grateful to Shri D.R. Mehta for all the encouragement and support provided in bringing out this work. I wish to acknowledge the services of the Prakrit Bharti Academy, for this and several other valuable publications.

I am thankful to Shri K.K. Saxena, for the translation of the condensed version of the original book “Dukharahit Sukh”.

— Kanhaiya Lal Lodha.
Shir Jain Shikshan Sansthan,
Sadhna Bhawan A-9,
Mahavir Udyan Path,
Bajaj Nagar, Jaipur – 15