Boundless Bliss



I have known Shri Kanhaiya Lal Lodha for the past few years, while he was staying in the Jain Shikshan Sansthan, opposite my residence in Jaipur. I had more interaction with him after my retirement from service, in May 2000. Shri Lodha had indicated to me that the students of the Sansthan, were keen to learn spoken English. I expressed my willingness to teach them. While doing so, I used to visit the Sansthan daily, for about an hour, interacting with the students for the next few months. During this period, I came in closer contact with Shri Lodha and learnt of his qualities of head and heart. We sometimes discussed about religion and its practical application.

Shri Lodha has always impressed me, with his sincerity of purpose and his willingness to be helpful to others. The other residents of my colony would tell me, how he tried to solve the problems of people, who came to him for help. Shri Lodha visited me several times, when I was myself unwell. He felt very concerned and always gave good practical advice. I gradually recovered. Several interactions with Shri Lodha followed subsequently. Later, he gave me a copy of his book “Dukhrahit Sukha”, and enquired, if I could translate it. I kept the book and went through it a few times. In consultation with Shri Lodha, it was decided to go in, for a summary translation, Meanwhile, he himself had a bad fall and underwent treatment, for a long time.

While carrying out the translation of the work, I sustained certain injuries, from the loose roof plaster, which accidentally fell on me at my house. Luckily the major chunk of solid cement boulders fell only on the writing table, where I was doing the translation work. I was literally spared by a few inches. Only a few splinters hit my head. I was marvellously saved. This was perhaps God’s way, to enable me to continue this work, during the recovery period. I continued with the translation work. I was able to complete it, by the time Shri Lodha returned to the Jain Shikshan Sansthan, after his own recovery.

Shri Lodha’s book is simple but full of valuable thoughts. It deals with the basics of a purposeful existence. In the translation, I have adhered to the original, while reducing Shri Lodha’s narration, to a concise form. I hope, the essence of his thoughts has been preserved in this effort. Shri Lodha’s work is valuable to all self-improvement seekers. Life has to have a higher purpose. There is deep wisdom in his narration. He has chosen, not to narrate personal incidents, which is indicative of his simplicity and total absence of a superior posture.

I can only pray to God to give Shri Lodha a long and healthy life, to enable him to continue with his meaningful pursuits in life.

- K.K. Saxena
Om – B-7
Mahavir Udyan Path,
Bajaj Nagar, Extension, Jaipur