Boundless Bliss



There happens to be an inherent desire in man to seek happiness. There never was a man who could put up with discomfort tacitly. Indeed, we suffer from an unquenchable thirst for happiness. The pity is that our concept of happiness has gone awry and we give a free rein to our five senses for pursuing an epicurean course of action. The resultant short-lived titillation followed by an indefinable angst falls to our lot. An inertia overtakes us and we take recourse to the same blind alley.

Says J. Krishanmurti, ‘‘The ‘I’, as an observer says, ‘I must have that’. A few days later it wants something else. There is a movement of desire, the constant movement of pleasure; the constant movement of what one wants to be and so on.’’

How long do we propose to retread the same steps and be a victim of our own blunt approach?

Shri K.L. Lodha raises this pertinent issue to every sentient individual. Happiness is our very nature and man is not to be denied this right. Only he has to categorize acts that yield genuine happiness and not its fake substitute that deludes us, sometimes throughout our mundane existence.

Should we not hearken ourselves and reexamine the pleasures that we confuse as happiness? Should we not seek happiness which has a lasting value, which does not fade with the passage of time, which has no bitter aftermath and, on the other hand, assures an interminable happy existence, leading to enlightenment and tranquility? Yes, it is our prime duty to do so. When happiness is our birthright, who prevents us from acquiring it? The course is simple and straight. Do good to others. Be not hide-bound in a selfish cocoon. Be kind and charitable. Curb sensual urges and be happy ever and anon.

The present work is condensation of the author’s larger work on the subject.

We are thankful to Shri K.K. Saxena (Retd. I.A.S.) who took immense pains to render the book into English.

D. R. Mehta
Founder and Chief Patron
Prakrit Bharti Academy, Jaipur.