Animal stories



Christine Townend began writing when she was a small child. Over the years she has had six books published, and also poetry, articles and short stories. Additionally, she has painted in whatever spare time has been available to her.

In l990 Christine became Managing Trustee of Help in Suffering Animal Shelter, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In l992 she and her husband, Jeremy, went to live and work as volunteers at the shelter. She says that this was one of the most joyful events of her working life, as she always felt a close connection with India, and the Indian people and the great spiritual philosophy which emerged from the sub-continent.

In 2003 Mrs Timmie Kumar became the Managing Trustee of Help in Suffering Animal Shelter, and the work of the shelter has continued to expand and grow. The shelter now employs over thirty staff, including six vets, running six projects funded by different international organisations. Each morning the vehicles can be seen leaving the shelter, one mobile clinic to treat the working camels of the rural poor, another to treat the ninety eight captive working elephants of Jaipur, another to treat the working donkeys, ponies and horses of those in need. Over 40,000 street dogs have passed through the ABC (animal birth control) programme and the incidence of human rabies has been eliminated in Jaipur. The programme has been so successful that the Jaipur Municipality has provided land and funding for a second ABC programme which is running in the northern area of the city.

Christine says that she was born with a commitment to help promote love and compassion between the human and animal kingdom, and that until humans lay down their weapons of war against the animals, there can never be peace in the world. Her prayer is that ‘one day the slaughterhouses of the world will become gardens and memorials to the animals which were so unjustly and cruelly killed in the barbarous dark ages of the twentieth century’.

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