A Smile from the past and other stories



Compassion is an essential element of a good a human being. Many people are visibly loving and caring. But, they are not too numerous. On the other hand, there are many others who are even cruel. Their number may be larger. In between there is vast group of people who are latently compassionate but do not reflect this quality in their conduct for various reasons. It may be because of their background and nurturing. It may also be on account of motivation.

Further, even when people are compassionate, they are so to the human beings. Animals, though suffer pain, when hurt or killed, are either ignored or are treated badly. This may be because of human-centric, ethics or eating habits.

Ms. Crystal Rogers, a great animal lover, who dedicated her life to the cause of animals, wrote several stories to arouse the conscience of human beings in their approach to the animals. Apart from being a practical animal activist, her role was to inspire the people to be more humane and positive about the animals. She often felt that one way to do so is through the touching stories. We published, the first volume of her stories a few years ago. The present volume is the second collection of her stories, so that more and more people became sensitive to the plight of the animals. We also propose to continue this series and may publish seven such volumes.

Prakrit Bharati Academy, Jaipur and Prani Mitra Sansthan, Jodhpur, and Society for Scientific and Ethical Living, Jaipur are very happy in working with CUPA in this project of this book meant for those who believe in caring and giving or have the potential of being so. For this we particularly thank Suparna Ganguly, Dr. Shiela Rao, Aanober Bharucha, Sudha Narayana, Brindha nandakumar, Sandhya Madappa and Dr. K. Sreenivasan for making this just possible.

We are also grateful to Raj Printers for printing this book. We are also grateful to Ms. Geetika Goyal for the illustrations in the books.

( D. R. Mehta )

Founder & Chief Patron

Prakrit Bharati Academy, Jaipur

( Mr. Mufatraj Manoj )

Founder & Chief Patron


Prani Mitra Sansthan, Jodhpur

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