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77 years old Dr. Narendra P. Jain has been an accomplished career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) for forty years during which he has distinguished himself as India’s Ambassador to European Union, Nepal, Mexico, Belgium and U.N., as well as Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. He is a noted economist, ardent environmentalist, a well-known poet, author, eloquent orator and above all a globally renowned Jain scholar.

In the last five decades, he has represented India at several U.N. and other International conferences relating to disarmament, development, environment and spirituality. Since retirement also, he was invited to address the U.N. Earth Summit and Sacred Earth Gathering in Brazil in 1992, Parliament of World’s Religions, Chicago in 1993 and Cape Town in i999, U.N. Millenium Spiritual Summit in 2000, successive JAINA Conventions in U.S.A., several inter-faith conferences and International Conferences on the world-view of Jainism in different countries and continents.

He has been a prominent speaker at the International Summer School for Jain studies for foreign scholars, as well as conferences of the Young Jains of India (YJI), Jain Engineers’ Society (JES) and International Federation of Jain Social Groups. He has delivered key note speeches on Jain religion at Universities and Academies in Russia, Germany, Belgium, U.S.A., Mexico, Thailand and Kenya.

His publications include books like ‘Ahimsa – the ultimate winner’, ‘Wave of Bliss’, ‘Karuna ka Jharna’ (Hindi), ‘Jainism in the global perspective’, ‘Folk Tales of Mexico, ‘Nepali Poetry’. His two books on poems in Hindi carry Preface by former Prime Ministers Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee and Sri Narasimha Rao.

He is actively associated with the corporate world as Advisor/Director in several companies in sectors ranging from banking, steel, finance, hydro power to management education.

He was honored with the status of Permanent Academician at the Mexican Institute of International Affairs in 1984 and as Distinguished Professor at the Frei University, Belgium in 1987. He is member of the Governing Council of Universal Peace Federation affiliated to the U.N. and has been a member of the World Spiritual Assembly of the Parliament of World’s Religions.He is President of World Jain Confederation and Advisor to the Jain University, Ladnu and Prakrit Bharti Academy, Jaipur. Currently he is actively involved in the India-wide educational programs of JITO (Jain Industrial and Trade Organization), and has been a distinguished speaker at their annual conventions.

In 2004, the Vice President of India honored him with the title of JAIN GAURAV’ sponsored by Bharat Jain Mahamandal.