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Views of Sri Sh. K. S. Bothra in this Stuti

This stuti (panegyric) of Bhagavan Mahavir, the Vitaraga (the detached one), is by Pundit Hargovind ji, who was my guru. It has been with me since it was written and, as far as I know, has not been published. It was penned when Pundit ji had distanced himself from the academic world and used to write exclusively for his inner pleasure and contentment.

The popular stutis you read these days are mostly mentions of worldly superlatives or submissions for fulfillment of mundane needs and aspirations. True stuti is done simply by describing qualities and virtues of the object of worship, as was done by Kalikal Sarvajna Hemachandracharya in his famous Mahadeva Stotra.

Kumarpal, the ruler of Gujarat, was a disciple of Hemachandracharya and he had faith in Jainism. But originally he was a Shaivite; the state religion was also Shaivism. Once the priests of the Shiva temple, jealous of Hemachandracharya, tried to provoke the king by saying that his guru does not offer obeisance to Lord Shiva. The king was moved. The priests, seeing the reaction, conspired that Hemachandracharya should be invited to the Shiva temple on some important occasion and asked to recite a stuti. They hoped that Hemachandracharya would refuse to bow before the Shiva image and the king would be annoyed.

On one such occasion they put their plan into action and invited Hemachandracharya, who readily agreed to oblige. In the temple King Kumarpal, priests, ministers and a large gathering of prominent citizens were present. Being the Rajguru (spiritual leader of the state), Hemachandracharya went ahead without any hesitation and recited the first stuti. This is a very famous stuti and many pages have been written as its commentary and elaboration. The most famous verse of this stuti is :

Öß ÕèÁ梷é¤ÚUÁÙÙæ ÚUæ»ælæ ÿæØ×éÂæ»Ìæ ØSØÐ

Õýræïæ ßæ çßc‡æéßæü ãUÚUæð çÁÙæð ßæ Ù×SÌSØñH

Meaning: Whose attachment etc. (aversion, lust, anger, illusion, greed etc.) that are the germinating media of the seed of mundane rebirths, have become extinct, to that super soul I submit my namaskar (obeisance), be He Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva or Jina.

What an astonishing feeling of assimilation. What a great importance given to virtues. I consider Pundit Hargond ji’s stuti to be in the same style. It is the stuti of the virtues of the compassionate Vitaraga.


- Shubhkaran Singh Bothra

Jaipur, 1987

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