Ahimsa – the ultimate winner



[Presented to the U.N. Earth Summit in my capacity as Rapporteur General of the Sacred Earth Gathering Conference of World’s leading spiritual and religious leaders and thinkers.]

The planet earth is in peril as never before. With arrogance and presumption, humankind has disobeyed the laws of the Creator, which are manifest in the divine nature order. The crisis is global. It transcends all national, religious, cultural, social, political and economic boundaries. The ecological crisis is a symptom of the spiritual crisis of the human being, arising from ignorance.

The responsibility of each human being today is to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light. We must therefore transform our attitudes and values, and adopt a renewed respect for the superior law of Divine Nature. Nature does not depend on human beings and their technology. Human beings depend on Nature for survival. Individuals and governments need to evolve “Earth Ethics” with a deeply spiritual orientation or the earth will be cleansed.

We believe that the universe is sacred because all is one. We believe in the sanctity and the integrity of all life and life forms. We affirm the principles of peace and non-violence in governing human behavior towards one another and all life.

We view ecological disruption as violent intervention into the web of life. Genetic engineering threatens the very fabric of life. We urge governments, scientists and industry to refrain from rushing blindly into genetic manipulation.

We call upon all political leaders to keep a spiritual perspective when making decisions. All leaders must recognize the consequences of their actions for the coming generations.We call upon our educators to motivate the people towards harmony with nature and peaceful coexistence with all living beings. Our youth and children must be prepared to assume their responsibilities as citizens of tomorrow’s world.We call upon our brothers and sister around the world to recognize and curtail the impulses of greed, consumerism and disregard of natural laws.

Our survival depends on developing virtues of simple living and sufficiency, love and compassion with wisdom. We stress the importance of respecting all spiritual and cultural traditions. We stand for preservation of the habitats and life style of indigenous people and urge restraint from disrupting their communication with nature.

The World Community must act speedily with vision and resolution to preserve the Earth, Nature and humanity from disaster. The time to act is now, now or never.

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