Prakrit Bharati Academy


What we are and what we do


Prakrit Bharati Academy is a registered body devoted to unraveling the pristine culture that India prided upon, notwithstanding the eclipsing centuries that have veiled the ancient glory. The academy was established on Feb. 21, 1977. The prime goal was to publish books in Prakrit, Sanskrit, other Indian languages and in English to benefit pursuants of wisdom, laymen and scholars alike. Our mission spread over vast regions in the domain of language and literature, comprising culture in its widest span and freed from bigoted approaches and embracing novel interpretations that are relevant to contemporaneity. Naturally, ideology, interdisciplinary perspective and values like tolerance, non-violence, environmental concerns etc. are of prime importance. We have rendered numerous valuable works into other languages. Researchers have a prime claim on our publishing venture and so have authors dedicated to utilitarian studies.

The management committee is manned by scholars of repute who put their heads together to fructify the endeavor. Our institution seeks support from universities and aids their research projects. Series of lectures on meaningful issue are on-going activities of the academy.


Prakrit Bharati Academy has succeeded in bringing out 335 books and 60 comic serials. See the Publications list. Our annual publication venture numbers to a score of volumes or more. We have brought out a considerable number of publications of classical languages like Prakrit, Sanskrit, Persian, Chinese etc. to revive their vanishing literature. Translated works are mainly in English and Hindi.

We have launched a scheme of publishing encyclopedias (Vishvakosh) on important and hitherto untouched themes like Ahimsa, Aparigraha, Peace etc., The first encyclopedia of this series, Ahimsa Vishvakosh, was published in 2010 and has been received well. The Aparigraha Vishvakosh is at present (October 2013) in its final stage of publishing.

Our publications have earned kind words from people in India and abroad. Cambridge, oxford, New York, Washington, Boston, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, Sidney, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai Kolkata etc. among other centers, display our works in their book shops and libraries.

A growing number of our publications is freely available on our website in downloadable format in order to serve students, scholars and other readers the world over. 

In our Micro-filming lab we have micro-filmed and digitalized works of national and global literary and cultural value.

The reference library houses no less than 80,000 books of great cultural significance and we spend a lac of rupees annually to enrich it further. We are obliged to institutions and individuals who contribute generously in this regard. The number of the members of the library is an astounding 4500, mainly students. Our library chiefly caters to research workers.

A well-equipped reading room is open to all visitors, who number no less than 500 each day. We subscribe to a rich stock of journals and papers.

We have witnessed a great number of organised debates and discussions of immense cultural value frequently under our roof.

Our publications aim at eradicating chauvinism and sectarianism that are sometimes evident even in the new generation.

We present books of utility to the student community through their colleges and schools.

Various departments and activities of the Academy